Cameron Chung

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  1. Cameron Chung - Academic Acuity


Cameron Chung is one of those rare individuals that always puts his best foot forward, never skimping on the hard work or dedication. Cameron demonstrates the commitment and passion necessary to succeed in the world today, something that he showed during his time with the Florida State University. During his time with the university Cameron graduated with three separate degrees in the business field in only four short years, quite a feat considering the academic standards of the university. Not stopping there, Cameron continued to demonstrate a level of intellectual and academic acuity that far surpassed that of his peers. Even while juggling three majors nearly simultaneously, Cameron still managed to stay in honors courses for all four of his years attending the college. On top of that, Cameron was also a dedicated and fully involved member of the Phi Eta Sigma fraternity, and was able to donate much of his time to the continuation of their enriching traditions and ideologies. Cameron is simply one of those dedicated individuals who exceed expectations in all endeavors. That is why Cameron also made the Dean's list for three years in a row at FSU, becoming part of a rare elite number of students who has done so.


Cameron Chung's commitment to academic excellence was not something that began in college, but had much early origins. Cameron excelled in school since the start, and was a very involved member of many clubs and organizations in high school, including being captain of the golf team. That, plus his academic responsibilities made Cameron an easy choice for receiving the 21st Century Scholarship as well as the Florida Bright Future scholarship. Cameron serves as an example of what people are capable of if committed.

Cameron Chung - A Captain

Cameron Chung has experienced much personal and professional success throughout his life, something that is especially impressive when you consider how young he is. Cameron is simply one of those driven individuals who doesn't take mediocrity for an answer or possibility, and is always pushing himself to become bigger, faster, and stronger. It is this very determined nature and competitiveness within him that made him an obvious choice to fulfill a leadership position on a sports team. That is why Cameron was named the captain of his high school golf team many years ago, as he demonstrated the social aptitude, the leadership, and the determination and skill required to direct a team as a whole. Cameron says that being a captain came natural to him, more so than even he expected. Cameron says that being in a leadership position is not about being better or more experienced at something, but being the anchor for the team to fall back or hold on to when things get rough. Cameron says that the job of a captain is to provide a sturdy and solid foundation for players to rely on, which means a level of dedication that most simply don't have. Cameron says captains have to be willing to sacrifice more than the average player, dedicating more time and energy to make sure that the whole team operates as one cohesive force and unit.


Cameron Chung says that being captain of his golf team taught him many values along the way, such as respecting everyone around you, and learning that everyone has individual struggles and obstacles to overcome. Cameron says that the best traits a captain can have is patience and understanding, which help facilitate the needs of the whole team.



  1. Cameron Chung - Small Business

Cameron Chung is a professional in the business sales and consulting world who is making quite a lasting impression on business owners all over the Northeast United States. Cameron says that if there is one thing that he has learned over his time helping owners, is that no business is small, even the small businesses. What Cameron means is that even the locally owned businesses that don't generate nearly as many profits as the large corporations often have an intricate internal system and a complicated relationship with the outside audience and target demographic.

 Cameron Chung says that no matter what the business, they all have one thing in common, their desire to appeal to a larger customer and consumer base. Cameron says that small business has an especially difficult time with this because many business owners simply cannot juggle managing a business as well as marketing it. Cameron says that nobody can, and corporations have the advantage because they can afford to spend millions of dollars in revenue to assure that they are expanding their products demographic, constantly growing and improving. Cameron says that most small business owner can't afford this, so that their next best move is to hire a professional who can dedicate all of their time to improving the businesses presence.

Cameron Chung says that though small businesses are often always at a disadvantage in the business world, that the internet has rapidly been closing this gap. Cameron says that advertising campaigns are notoriously expensive, but thanks to the internet, there are now several different avenues available for more affordable marketing and advertising schemes, ones that generate a presence without breaking the bank. Which has given small businesses more of an opportunity than ever before to thrive.